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    Numenera Player's Guide in PDF, $ the Ninth World, and learn the basic rules of the Numenera roleplaying game with this inexpensive player's guide. The N inth World is the setting of the roleplaying game NuMENERA™. This book is the Numenera. Player's Guide, not the full rulebook. The Player's Guide offers. Oct 9, The N i nth World is the sett ing of the ro lep layi ng game NuMENERA. Th i s book is the Numenera Player's Guide, not the fu l l ru lebook.

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    Numenera Players Guide Pdf

    Oct 3, Numenera Player's Guide - Amazing characters, the wondrous Ninth World, and the game rules to explore it with. Create Watermarked PDF. Does anyone have the new players guide? Is it worth downloading it? others as well. $15 gets you the PDF version of everything available atm. Numenera Player's Guide [OEF].pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

    Rcyno' ds Addi ti onal Writi ng SnannaCc ma. The young girl's gaze follows them as the sparks join the panoply of stars. He leans heavily on his gnarled wooden staf and adjusts his tattered cloak with one hand. Most people say eight, but it could be more. They say eight so that they can call our world the Ninth World. Does he? Can anyone comprehend such a passage of time? The face of the world had shied so much. Even the stars were not untouched by the changing aeons. He uses his thumb to touch the clear panel in well practiced, i not entirely understood, ways.

    Most people say eight, but it could be more. They say eight so that they can call our world the Ninth World. Does he? Can anyone comprehend such a passage of time? The face of the world had shifted so much. Even the stars were not untouched by the changing aeons. He uses his thumb to touch the clear panel in well practiced, if not entirely understood, ways. The air around the device fills with light that dances and moves in symbols and pictures that mean nothing to him. The girl gasps and then laughs in delight.

    But others bring deaths for which we have no name. Their legacy is a blessing and a curse. The man smiles. Th i s book is the Numenera Player's Guide, not the fu l l ru lebook. The Player's Guide offers a brief overview of the sett ing and the ru les of the game, and it p rovides a l l the i nformation you need to create a character so you can p lay N u menera , exp lore the N i nth World , and d i scover i ts wonders and dangers for you rself.

    In a ro l ep l ay ing game, the p l ayers take on the ro les of peop le in a fict iona l worl d. Each p l ayer creates a characte r to portray, and together, the p l ayers create a story. I n t he i r i mag inat ion , the p l ayers exper ience the same cha l l enges and reward s that the i r characters exper ience. To faci l itate t h i s , the ru les of the game govern whether cha racters succeed or fa i l at what they try to do.

    Th i s book somet imes refers to the p l ayer characters as PCs. In add it ion to the p l aye rs who a re the characters i n the story, there i s another p l aye r-the game master-who i s not on ly the a rbiter of the ru les but a l so the crafter of the na rrat ive.

    The game master somet imes referred to as the G M i ntrod uces com p l icat ions , enemies , a l l ies , twi sts , and s u rpr ises i nto the story.

    H e or she shou ld have a copy of the fu l l corebook-Numenera, wh ich i nc ludes a l l the i nformat ion from th i s book, p l u s m uch more. N umenera i s a l l about d i scovery. I n the game, your character wi l l d iscover wonders of the prior ages our own world 's far d i stant future and a technology so advanced that, as author Arthur C.

    Clarke wrote, it i s ind isti nguishable from magic. You wi l l d iscover mysteries to solve and meet i nterest ing people who popu late this strange world. You wi l l d iscover dangerous foes in the form of extraterrestria ls , robots, mutants, or the genetic experiments of the past. You wi l l d iscover technology ca l led the numenera that wi l l a id in your endeavors. The key to p lay ing N umenera i s the story. The way to "win" th i s game i s to come away with a great tale.

    Always remember that you r character i s one of the ma in heroes i n a fabu lous science-fantasy narrative. The N i nth World i s a wei rd and wondrous p lace, and the tria l s and tri bu l at ions you face are part of that story. Through you r character, you wi l l d i scover th i ngs un l i ke anyth ing you 've d reamed of, and in so do ing craft a tale with you r friends that you ' l l a lways remember.

    Read t h rough the N u menera Overv iew page 4 , and then j ump r igh t i n and make a character. You don ' t have to read t h rough every character opt ion r ight away-j u st choose a type, descri ptor, and focu s that sound i nterest i ng , and get go i n g!

    A who le new world awa its you. Clarke The key to playing Numenera is the story. The way to "win" this game is to come away with a great tale.

    A General Update

    There have been e ight p rev ious worl d s. Each former wor ld st retched across vast m i l l e n n i a of t ime. Each p l ayed host to a race whose c iv i l izat ions rose to s u p remacy but eventua l l y d ied or scattered , d i sappeared or tran scended. Du r i ng the t ime that each wor ld flour i shed , those that ru led it s poke to the sta rs , reeng i neered the i r phys ica l bod ies , and mastered form and essence, a l l i n the i r own u n ique ways.

    Each left beh i n d rem n a nts. Ena0' c. Practiced With Al l Weapons: Yo0 can 0scanywcapon. Physical Ski l l s: Yo0 a ct a. Starti ng Equi pment: Yo0 sta tw. Bcf c sc' cct. Fi ghti ng Moves: Yo0 navca s pcc. Tncsckat sa c ca' ' cd. Yo0 can' t cnoosctncsamchgnt. Yo0 attacs. Wncnyo0 masc an0na mcd attacs [ s0cnasa p0 ncno s. Yo0 masc anattacsand. Yo0 masc an attacsand. Second-Tier Glaive Sccond-t. Ski l l With Attacks: Cnoosconcoftncf' ' ow. Yo0 m0st g. Wncn mas.

    Yo0 m0 st g. Tnc sccondattacs. Yo0 can 0sct n. Third-Tier Glaive Tn. Expert Cypher Use: Yo0 can 0ca t n cccypnc s ata t. Yo0 cana' so c catcyo0 own fct. Rol l Background I Yo0 wc c. Yo0 f mc commandc cmcm0c syo. Yo0 ' cft nc sc v. Hc cga d s yo0 wc' ' , 00t nc nasmanycncm. Yo0 a0. Z Yo0 spcntt. I 0 Yo0 wo scda s a consta0' c. Evc yoncsnowsyo0, 00tt nc. I 2 Yo0 sc vcd asa ca avan g0a d. Yo0 snow a s mattc. I 3 Yo0 0csth. I 4 Yo0 anda h. Tnctwoofyo0 gcttogct nc wccs' yto cnat andsmosc.

    I 5 Yo0 0 nc' c 0ns atncatc. Yo0 snow a ' ' t ncacto sandwatcn a ' ' tncs nowsf hcc. I G Yo0 0' acssm. Howcvc , n c paysyo0 wc' '. I Z Yo0 mcnto w otca 0oosontncma t. I 8 A manyo0f0gnta' ongs. I 9 Yo0 savcdtnc'. Tncy' c. Tnccost cd0ct. Yo0 now cd 0cct nc M. Tncawswa d ' 0ngc. Tnc d. As pa toftncsamcact. Ma sc a scpa atc attacs o' ' aga.

    Yo0 attacssdca' I add. Masc a mc' cc attacs o' ' aga. Adept Cypher Use: Yo0 can 0ca f0 cypnc s ata t. Cnoosconctypcofattacs, cvcn onc.

    Masc a scpa atcattacs o' ' aga. Yo0 attcmpt a d. Wncnyo0 wca anya mo , yo0 cd 0cctnca mo ' spcna' t. Cnoosconctypcofdcfcnsc tass. Yo0 candcdcct. Wncn yo0 act. Sixth-Tier Glaive S. Wncnyo0 s0cccssh' ' y st. Yo0 stand st. Masc a scpa atc attacs o' ' f cacn fc. Yo0 cma. Ahc mas. Tnctwo attacsscan 0c d.

    Ma sc a scpa atcattacs o' ' f cacnattacs. Hcp0ts3 ofn. Asah st-t. Hcwantsto 0sca 0 oadswo d [a mcd. TncCM gcnc o0s ' yg. Tncg' a. Hca' so0ccomcst a. Hc cnooscsanotnc 0 oadswo d asa 0acs0p 0' adc. Hccnooscs a 0 oad swo d andasss t ncCM. TncCM ag ccstotnccnangc. Now nc. NANO Nanosa c somct. Nano- so cc c. Wnatcvc tncy' cca' ' cd, nanosmastc tncmystc. Tnct c m" nano". Na nosa c p ohc. A' ' nanosca' ' f tn tnc. Mostof t n ct. Asa cs 0' t, tncy' c oftcnwc' ' vc scd.

    Nanos i n Soci ety: A nano' sst angc a0. Tnat sa. Tnc c a c ot nc pcop' candc cat0 cst nat navccapa0. Tncycn oyt. Notcvc y nano. Tnat ' s nott oos 0 p. Tncy ca ' ' t ncmsc' vcs p. Somc oftncsc ' onc nanos don ' t ca ' ' t ncmsc' vcs p. Nanos i n the Croup: Compa cdtot nc. As 0scf0' and. Wncnt ncpa tycomcs0pon mystc. Hco snccan0cstscavcngc f ncwcypnc s o hg0 c o0tnowto 0sca t. Manynanosposscss ot nc va' 0a0' csnow' cdgc. Nanos and the Numenera: A' ' nanossnow a f. Wncna g o0phndsa 0 oscnvcn.

    A' mostanyn 0mcnc a. Advanced Nanos: As nanosga. Tncy 0cg. Cnoosconcoftnc t n ccopt. TncCM can 0sctn. Forbidden Knowledge Yo0 0 ndc standtncn 0 mcnc a f 0cttc t nanmost pcop' c. Yo0 snowt nat. Tncn 0 mcnc a. Yo0 snowt nat m. Yo0 snowt nat satc' '. Tncsc0scsofpowc a c ca' ' cd csotc. Tn o0gnva.

    Byacccs s. Yo0 m0st cont. Tnc c' sf mo ct otncn 0mcnc a t nanoncpc soncancvc snow, 00t t natdocs n' t mcanyo0 s no0' dn' tt yto' ca n. Mo c scc ctsand mo c snow' cdgc mcan mo c powc.

    At somc po. Psionics Yo0 snowt nattncwo ' d. Somcoft ncma cv. Yo0 navc a psycn. Somcoftncsc macn. Yo0 can' t con 0 c cnc gyo wa pmattc onyo0 own, 00t yo0 navct n c a candspcctac0' a a0. Undc stand. Wncnas pcctsofyo0 cna actc. Wncnyo0 p od 0ccchccts o man.

    Yo0 f cc 0' asts m. Yo0 a c f cvc cnangcd. Somcpcop' ct cat yo0w. A' tno0gnta' cntand p act. Geni us: Yo0 navc an ' ntc' ' cct Edgc ofl , a M.

    Practiced With Light Weapons: Yo0 can 0sc'. Numenera Trai ni ng: Somc csotc. Cnoosctwoof t nccsotc. Yo0 can' tcnoosct ncsamccsotc y mo ct nanoncc 0 n ' css. Yo0 can' t 0scncdgc mag. Yo0 attacsa fc 0s. Somcc cat 0 csw. Yo0 p0s na c cat0 c o o0 cct an. Yo0 m0st 0ca0' cto scc t ncta gct, wn. Tncp0s n. Yo0 scan a na cacq 0a'. Tnc a ca m0 st 0cw. Scan n.

    Yo0 a' s o' ca nwn atcvc fctst ncC M fcc' s a c pc t. Howcvc , t n. Ma ny matc. Yo0 n avca s n. Second-Tier Nano Sccond-t. Yo0 adapt to a nost. Asa cs 0' t, yo0 can 0 catnc safc' y, tnctcmpc at0 c docsn' t s. Ro0gn' ys pcas. Yo0 can p otcctotnc c cat0 cs.

    Yo0 c catcancxp' os. Yo0 m0st 0 c a 0 ' c to scctnc ' ocat. Tnc0' ast. Bcca0sct n. Yo0doat s' ow' y. Asyo0 act. Yo0can cad tnc s 0 fcct no0gntsofa c cat0 cw. Yo0 m0st 0ca0' c toscctncta gct. Yo0 s 0 o0nda fcofyo0 s. Yo0 m0 st 0c a0' ctoscctncta gct, and. Rol l Background I Yo0 sc vcd as an app cnt.

    Nowyo0 0ca n. A' tno0gn 0nw. Tncy ' oos0 ponyo0 s. G Yo0 owc moncytoa n 0 m0c ofpcop' ca o0ndtown anddon' t navctncf0 nds to pay yo0 dc0ts. Z Yo0 f. Tncpowc stnat 0ctoosnot. Yo0 f mc com adcsdon' t 0 ndc standyo0, 00tt ncy cs pcctyo0.

    I 2 Yo0 fm. I 4 Yo0 wo scdtncga dcns. Sncwo0' dn' t cmcm0c yo0, 00tyo0 madch. I 5 Ancxpc. Tnc' oca' s cmcm0c yo0 asa dangc o0s and fo' na dy. I G Yo0 na. I 8 Yo0 0csth. Yo0 ands ncs na c d. I 9 Yo0 snowa ' oca' mc cnantvc ywc' '. Third-Tier Nano Tn. Yo0 can 0ca f0 cypnc s at a t. Yo0 c catc an opaq0c, stat.

    Eacn' cvc' ofEho tyo0app' yst cngt ncnst nc 0a. Yo0 m0stto0cntnc chcct o dcv. Cnoosca d. Yo0 m0st 0cfm.

    Yo0 m0stto0cnadd. Yo0 c catcan. At anyt. Tncscnso docsn' t g ant yo0scnso ycapa0. Yo0 0ccomc. Yo0cont o' tncact. Tncta gctm0st 0c' cvc' 2 o ' owc. Yo0 cana' ' ow.

    Tn 0s, tocont o' tnc m. Sma t nanos0sctnc Scancsotc yona c cat0 cto ' ca n. Yo0 csto cpo. Yo0 masct n. Yo0 m0st ma. Yo0 cs napc mattc w. Yo0 can' tcnangctncnat0 c of t ncmatc. Tn 0s , yo0can masc a no' c. Yo0 canfsn. Yo0 can 0 caso cpa. Yo0 gat nc d. Master Cypher Use: Yo0 can 0ca hvccypnc s ata t. Yo0to0cn an o0 cct anda0so 0. Yo0 d. Yo0 m0stto0cn t nco0 ccttoahcct.

    TncCM as s. Ccnc a' 'y, snow' cdgct natyo0 co0' d hnd0y' oos. Yo0 m0st to0cnanyadd. Yo0 can scc. Yo0 ccogn. Sixth-Tier Nano S. Yo0 cnangctnc wcatnc.

    Tnccnangc ' astsf a nat0 a' ' cngtnoft. Tncscchccts m0stocc0 w. Yo0 m0stspcndyo0 t0 n conccnt at. Yo0 cxc t a t cmcndo0s amo0nt ofpnys. I t of matc. Yo0 m0 st snowt nat t ncdcst. Yo0 m0 stt o0cnanyadd. Cnoos conccypnc t natyo0 ca y. Tnc cypnc m0 st n avcanchcctt nat. Yo0 dcst oyt nccypnc andga. Yo0 cancnoosca cypnc wncnyo0 ga.

    Howcvc , oncc yo0 0 s 0 p a cypnc ' s powc , yo0 ca nnot ' atc sw. Hc nano. Sncnasan ' ntc' ' cct Edgc of I , a M. As a h st-t. As nc.

    Snccan0ca t n cccypnc s, 00ttncCM g. Tncocc0' t. Snca' soga. Hc csotc. Hc ' ntc' ' cct Edgc w. JACK ] acssa c. Tncya c acss ofa' ' t adcs-ncncctnc namc-a' tno0gntncwo d a' so nca scns0acst of0' cs.

    Uscdasavc 0, "to acs" mcanstostca' , todccc. Tncy' ca cn. Tncm0 dc c s and tn. Tncyhcq0cnt' ydoa '. Tncycanhgnt a' ongs.

    Tncy can no' dt nc. Tnc d aw0acs, ofco0 sc,. Tncy' ctncmost'. An cnnanccd p. Advanced j acks: Somc ' ca n csotc. Somc acssdo0otn, ga. Yo0 candot n. Wncnyo0 cnoosc acsasyo0 cna actc typc, comc0p w. Cnoosconcoftnct n ccopt. Born Lucky Yo0 sccmto 0c 0cttc t nanmost pcop' c0cca0scyo0a c. Yo0 anccsto swc c pa tofa gcnct. Yo0 ' c s ma tc , st ongc , mo c dcxtc o0s , anda0' ct o' ca n mcnta' andpnys. Tncy p o0a0' ysa. Somcofyo0 gcnct. Tnc cf c, yo0 m0st cont.

    Wncn yo0. School of Hard Knocks Yo0 ' ca ncdt n. Most '. Wnat' s. Yo0gottownc c yo0 a c 0yo0sc v. To advancc, yo0 nccdtodomo c oftncsamc. Constant wa. A Cobbled Jumble Yo0 ' ct ncp od 0ct ofgcnc at. Yo0 don' t p0ta ' ' yo0 cggs. To ca' ' ygct ancad, yo0 m0st c' yon m0 ' t. Yo0' vc a' ways gotan0ncxpcctcdt. Yo0 navccnoscncvc y pat n, soyo0 m0st t avc' cacnoftncm. Advanccmcnt mcans ncwtcacnc s andtccn n. J ack of Al l Trades: Yo0 navc an Edgc ofI f oncstatof yo0 cno.

    Yo0 navc an Edgc of 0f tnc otnc two stats. Yo0 can 0ca twocypnc s ata t. Practiced With Light and Medi um Weapons: Yo0 can 0sc '. Yo0a ct a. Att nc0cg. Yo0 can' t0sct n. Tricks of the Trade: Yo0 navcaw. Cnoosctwooft nct. Yo0 can' t cnoosct ncsamct. Yo0 mascanattacsand. Yo0 canwca any s. Yo0 cd 0cct ncM. Second-Tier Jack Sccond-t. Yo0can' t cnooscat assyo0' c a' cadyspcc. Cnooscon c of t n c f' ' ow. Wncnyo0 app' y Eho ttoa noncom0atSpccd tass, yo0 canspcnd po. Wncnyo0 0sca noncom0at s s.

    Tncstat po. Wncnyo0 masc an 0na mcd attacs [ s0cnasa p0ncno s. Yo0 p0snac cat0 c o o0 cctan. Yo0 m0st0c a0' ctoscctncta gct,wn. Yo0 navca s n. Third-Tier Jack Tn. Yo0 can' t cnoosca tassyo0 ' c a ' cadys pcc. Yo0cannavcon' yoncvc s. Yo0 doat s ' ow' y. Yo0can cadtnc s 0 fcct no0gntsofa c cat0 cw. Rol l Background I Yo0 comchom a ' a gcfm. Yo0wc cn' t a0' ctof' ' ow nc pat n, 00ttncn 0 mcnc a.

    G Yo0 cmcm0c '. Z Yo0 camcofagc. I 0 Yo0 navca n an noy. I 2 Scvc a' cxpcd. I 4 Yo0 comchom a nca 0ycomm0 n. I Z Yo0 oncc savcdtnccn. I 8 Yo0 0scdtowo sw. I 9 Yo0 ' cwantcdf a c. Wncnyo0app' y Eho tt o a com0at M. Tnc awswa d ' 0 n gc. Yo0 can 0ca f0 cypnc satat. Tri cks of the Trade: Ma sc a mc' ccattacs o' ' aga.

    Tnc sccond attacs. Yo0 can 0sctn. Yo0 0ccomcspcc. Sixth-Tier Jack S. Cnoosconcof tncf' ' ow. Yo0 m0 st 0c fm. Yo0 m0 st to0cn add. Wncnyo0 act. Yo0 standst. Ma sc a scpa atc attacs o' ' f cacn fc. Yo0 canscc. Hcp0ts4of n. Tn c stah. Tncda tt n owc. Tncda tt n owc comcs w.

    Hca' so cnooscsa s s. Tn c C' cvc dcsc. Convc sc' y, ncdocsn' t cxcc' at cad. Ath stt. Tncfc0sa' s og ants n. The descriptor changes the way those charcters go about ever action. Your descriptor places your character in the situation the frst adventure, which starts the campaign and helps prvide motivation. Not a ' ' ofa dcsc. Yo0 cant n. Rcmcm0c t nat cna actc s a c dchncd as m0cn 0ywnatt ncy' cnot good at aswnat t ncyare good at.

    Yo0 can 0sct ncsc, o not, asyo0 w. Cna m. Cnoosconcoftncmf yo0 cna actc. Yo0 can p. Wnct nc t n o0gn sccm. Yo0 p o0a0' y payattcnt. Yo0 masc h. Yo0 p' ay 0 p t ncpc sona'. Yo0 ' c pc sona0' c, not ncccssa. Personabl e: Ski l l: Yo0 ' ct a. Yo0 n avcan. Yo0 andtncCM sno0' dwo so0ttncdcta.

    I nabi l ity: Yo0 wc c ncvc good atst0dy. Tn cd.

    Numenera Player’s Guide

    Wncncvc yo0t yto cs. Additi onal Equi pment: Yo0' vc managcdtota' s yo0 way. I niti al Li nk to the Starti ng Adventure: Yo0 conv. Yo0 0ndc stand pcop' c, so yo0 canfo' t ncm 00ta c a c' y fo' cd. Bcca0scyo0 cas. Yo0' ct a. Yo0wc c ncvc good atst0dy. Additional Equi pment: Yo0scctn o0gntncscncmcsof otnc s and occas. Tnansstoyo0 c' cvc 0cnav. I niti al Li nk t o t he Starti ng Adventure: Yo0ta' scdyo0 way. Yo0 ' c q0. Agi l e: Yo0' c aha. Yo0 mcmo y. Yo0 s awva' 0c.

    Yo0 0c'. Aco' ' cag0c cq0cstcdt natyo0 tasc pa t. Yo0 snow manyt n. Yo0 navcfcw soc. Yo0 navctwo add. Yo0 nccd moncytohnd yo0 st0d.

    Yo0 '. Sense "magi c": Yo0 can scnscwnct nc tncn 0 mcnc a. Yo0 m0st st0dyan o0 cct o ' ocat. Yo0can pc f mtnccsotc y snown as Hcdgc Mag. Yo0 navcancxt aodd. Ad camg0. Yca sof'. Yo0 c' otn.

    Yo0 n avc nosoc. Yo0 ca yancxp' o c ' spacs. Tncscta' cntsnc' pyo0 n. Qui ck: Yo0' c sncasy 00tnotfst. Tnat cna actc ca0gntyo0andf ccdyo0tocomca' ongw. Yo0wc cta. Very Powerful: Yo0 navcancxt a mcd. Noonccan ta' s yo0.

    Wi l l ful: SWIF Yo0 movcq0. Yo0' c g catatc os s. I nabil ity: Yo0' cfst00t not ncccssa.

    To0gncna actc s hcq0cnt' ynavcv. Resi l ient: Add I tot ncpo. Yo0 navcancxt a '. Yo0' c act. Yo0 nccd moncy 0cca0scyo0 fm. Yo0 stcppcd. No two PCs in a grup should have the same focus. Eacn fc0sa' soohc s s0ggcst. As yo0 p og csst oa ncwt. Yo0can0scancna0' c. Yo0 ' cavc sco cn ma sswnc cvc yo0 go, andyo0 can' t nand' c com00st. Yo0p o0a0' ywca cdandyc' ' ow, o pc naps0' acs. A' tno0gn most oftnoscwnotasc 0pt n. Connecti on: Tn o0gna q0. Yo0 navc an a t.

    A' ' yo0 sta t. Fi re Esoteries: Tncsc a' tc at. Asanotnc cxamp' c, Ba. Mi nor Efect Suggesti ons: Tncta gcto somct n. Major Efect Suggesti ons: Rol l Expl anati on 0I Nat 0 a' m0tat. Ro' ' tw. Shroud of Fl ame 1 I ntel l ect poi nt. Atyo0 command, yo0 cnt. Tn ch c docsn' t00 n yo0, 00t. Ti er 2: Hurl Fl ame 2 I ntel l ect poi nts.

    Numenera Role Playing Game | Petrie's Family Games - Colorado Springs Best Game Store

    Fi ery Power. Tier 3: Fiery Hand of Doom 3 I ntellect poi nts. Tnc nandactsasyo0d. Tnc nandcang a0, movc, andca yt n. Tncnand can a' soattacs. Tier 4: Fl amebl ade 4 I ntel l ect poi nts. Wncnyo0 w. Ti er 5: Fi re Tendri l s 5 I ntel l ect poi nts. As anact. Eacn tcnd. Tier 6: Fi re Servant 6 I ntel l ect poi nts.

    Yo0 cacn. Agood a cnc a' so ' ca nsto masc n. Yo0 p o0a0' ywca nomo ct nan '. Ma ny g' a. Scc ct' y p. Wncnyo0 m. Tncta gct. Ti er 1: T 0ct 0' ydcad' yw. Yo0 can s pcnd po. Eacn ' cvc' ofEho t adds3 po. Fl etcher. Tier 2: Coveri ng Fi re 1 Speed point. Trai ned Archer. Master Fl etcher. Quick Shot. Master Bowyer. Yo0a cspcc. Phenomenal Archer. Yo0 a c spcc. Ti er 6: Powerful Shot 2 Mi ght poi nts. Tnc M. Tn o0gn p act. Noonccantc' ' tnatyo0 navct n.

    Somcpcop' cw. A' tno0gn nanoshcq0cnt' ycommandmcnta' powc s, ps. Yo0 navcf0ndt natt n.

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