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    The world is sick, and wherever the children of men dwell, suffering abounds. On every hand there is a seeking for relief. It is not the Creator's purpose that. When preparing raw food it's important to be hygienic and store your edibles safely. Using a big tablespoon, By eati Jesus Healed Them All - Kenneth. An adaptation in today's language of The Ministry of Healing With tender, courteous grace He ministered to each sin-sick soul, bringing healing and strength.

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    Ministry Of Healing Pdf

    Google serves cookies to analyse traffic to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose. Learn more. OK. Loading. 05 - Healing of the Soul, , Play · Download. 06 - Saved to Serve, , Play · Download. 07 - The Co-Working of the Divine and the Human, , Play. highest happiness in thislife: a book which helps to this way will find a wide sale. " The N. Y. Evangelist. The Ministry of Healing; or,. Miracles of Cures in all ages.

    Christian Harfouche All rights reserved. Reproduction of text in whole or in part without the express written consent by the author is not permitted and is unlawful according to the United States Copyright Act. Box , Tulsa, OK www. Contents Introduction It is my desire to teach you by the anointing of the Holy Spirit so revelation would impart and trigger in you the supernatural abilities God has already given you through the Spirit. It is my conviction that what Jesus accomplished in His ministry is the absolute limit.

    Lake, the great missionary to Africa who was used powerfully in the area of deliverance. Lake was the kind of man who believed it was God's will to redeem spirit, soul, and body, so he believed that every part of man can be charged with the life of God. He was not planning to get sick or fail, because he believed that God's anointing and redemptive plan included every part of his being.

    Lake is well known for the fact that during the time the bubonic plague hit South Africa, he conducted an experiment, putting his hand in froth that was infected with the virus. Under the scrutiny of a microscope, the scientific community watched while the disease died because it was touched by the man of God!

    But it wasn't always like that for John G. He and his relatives were often sick. Sickness and disease, doctors and nurses, hospitals, funerals, graveyards, and tombstones were memories that haunted his early childhood and young life like a nightmare.

    I believe Lake developed an unnatural hatred for sickness and disease because of these early experiences. When you realize it is not God's will to kill, steal, and destroy, and when you realize that you have been given the power to do something about it, you begin to hate it, and you begin to do what you can to annihilate its influence on the lives of people.

    Lake suffered from rheumatism. His legs were crooked. His pastor told him he was glorifying God by his rheumatism. And his church told him to endure it. The power of God went through him and made his legs straight. A Christian ought to have straight legs, a straight back, and a straight walk. That's what Lake believed—that redemption wasn't meant only to save our soul; it can also renew our mind, heal our body, and fill us with the life and energy of God.

    That was the key to Lake's boldness to dare to put his hands in the plague-infected froth. Someone may say, "Well, I might try that some day.

    The ministry of healing

    It's not something we try. Lake did it because he knew that he knew that he knew that he wasn't on planet Earth to catch a disease; he was here to deal with the disease through the power of the living God.

    I'm sharing this with you to show you there is a transmission and impartation that passes from one ministry to another. It enables the newer ministry to carry a torch that is similar to and sometimes greater than the torch that the established ministry carried.

    Today is a day of impartation. We are going to do the same thing. Such as we have, we are going to give unto you, because there is a torch, an impartation, that gives you a 54 Day of Impartation supernatural ability to contend for the great things in God.

    Lake became a successful businessman. He made a lot of money in business and later worked in Dowie's ministry, During his time of training as a faithful man, Lake got a bit critical and criticized Dowie. Dowie confronted him and told him, "If you ever develop constructive qualities equal to your critical capacity, you will be a bigger man than I am.

    At present, however, you are an operator, not a constructor. But you have it in you. I don't believe Lake would ever have become what God wanted him to be if he hadn't experienced the confronting reality of the man of God.

    Lake got delivered from his criticism, and instead of leaving Dowie's ministry critical and broken, he left with the same torch and the same miracle-level anointing he saw operating in Dowie's life. Also, because Dowie challenged him, and because Lake was a teachable man, we find that Lake later went to South Africa and built a work that comprised , members. A Form of Deliverance Records tell us that one day as Lake was ministering, a group of ruffians entered the church and started toward the platform.

    Lake immediately perceived that the young men were up to no good. With him on the platform were a band and a choir made up of women and girls.

    While the ushers were still scrambling to come to his aid, Lake quickly solved the problem. As the ruffians came on the platform, he grabbed them by the seat of the pants and the back of the neck and literally threw them out the window that was located above his head. They decided not to come up on the platform. Lake that day. Lake believed not only in a Holy Spirit who blesses your heart; he believed in a Holy Spirit who influences your body.

    That's why he wouldn't catch a germ or a disease. That's why he had supernatural strength when the situation demanded it. I know some well-meaning Christians will say, "That's cruel, isn't it, to throw people out of a window? But in another way, Lake might have had an altar call that night and filled the altar with people who respected the man of God who had such strength.

    We have to know what we know, we have to believe what we know, and we have to believe what God said. John G. Lake was like that. The Dangers of Religious "Salad" Lake was in a certain meeting in South Africa when a woman with a crutch came up to the platform and asked for prayer. She had spent a great deal of money seeing doctors. Nothing had helped her, and now she was seeing what they called hypnotists. Today they may call them psychologists, because hypnotism is often part of their treatment.

    Lake asked, "Where's your hypnotist now? He added, "And enter into him no more. After that meeting was over, the hypnotist came to Lake 56 Day of Impartation and offered him a large sum of money to give him back the ability to hypnotize people, because it left him upon Lake's prayer. Today some people want psychology, psychiatry, hypnotism, Christian Science, New Age, and everything else that seems right. They want to mix it together in a "salad" of religious persuasion and come out with the kind of results Dowie and Lake had.

    But you can't do it that way. You must learn to discern who the devil is; you must learn to discern what is of the devil; and you've got to know how to confront it. Breaking Up a Seance At times Lake would go to a seance, just to break it up! He liked to confront the spiritualists and bind any demons that might be present.

    Once he went to a seance that was attended by a husband and wife, Methodists, who had lost their born-again daughter. The spiritualist medium was supposedly conjuring up the "spirit" of this dead girl and communicating with her.

    After the girl's so-called "spirit" spoke, Lake said, "Let me talk to her spirit now," and the medium let him. He asked the spirit, "Are you So-and-so? Do you know why? Get out of here now"—and the spirit left! We need more men and women of God who can crash a seance or a psychic rally. We need believers who know how to operate in the anointing of God.

    John Lake knew how to live in that realm and dimension where the power of God operated strongly through him. Today I know he might seem extreme, but he had extreme results, too: , documented miracles of healing in the city of Spokane, Washington, where he established Healing Rooms and healing services. Those are extreme results! A man like John G. Lake is entitled to his opinions.

    He was a man of absolutes. When he believed something, he stuck to it. There's something admirable about that. I believe there's a place in God like that, and I believe Jesus walked there.

    I don't believe that Jesus walked around with a medicine cabinet carried by the disciples so he could take some medicine when He broke down between meetings. I believe Jesus was walking in that level where He did not need medicine.

    He was the medicine! He was the Balm of 58 Day of Impartation Gilead. He was the Great Physician. Walking in Perfect Health Potentially, we also have divine health, and we can walk in it. Lake did. He walked in perfect health when it came to his physical state.

    I believe a certain amount of Lake's antagonism toward medicine and his refusal to tolerate any alternative to divine healing came about because he was so well acquainted with John Alexander Dowie's ministry, and he saw so many results there—more results than you would normally see in a hospital or a doctor's office.

    Lake therefore formed his theology on what the Bible says about divine healing, and it's strong. That's why he could crash a seance, or tell you to throw away your medicine. Lake worked hard.

    He preached six times a week and twice on Sundays, but he never burned out—and he never fell out. He was consistent in his strength, because he believed that God lived on the inside of him. You ask, "How will that help me live today? If, by thinking the Word, they became the product of the Word, we can think the same way. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. The battle is in the mind. The moment we've conquered the mental battle, we will understand our spiritual authority. Lake's ministry was a vision he had.

    Contend for this. Teach the people to pray for this. And he said, "This is Pentecost as God gave it. This is Pentecost as God gave it! Lake became: a bold man, a man of the Spirit and a man of the Word. We need both, and we're going to find out what God is saying about that shortly. Occultic Resistance And when they had gone through the isle unto Paphos, they found a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Bar-jesus.

    Acts Notice this man wasn't a Christian; he was a sorcerer. The Bible calls him a false prophet. It seems to me that much of what the Bible says about false prophets is referring to today's New Agers, occultists, and Satanists who deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I believe with all of my heart that everyone in the Church of Jesus Christ has been included in the privilege of speaking on God's behalf.

    All of you at some time or other are going to speak on behalf of God in order to reach someone. And whenever you do that, you're God's messenger for that hour. So whether we're called to the office of the prophet or we're a lay person, each of us is going to weave into a certain level of speaking God's Word into the lives of others.

    But Elymas the sorcerer for so is his name by interpretation withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith.

    Acts ,8 Notice there is occultic resistance here to the miracle of salvation. In other words, whatever you set your hands to do, you are going to have to commit to it through obstacles and resistance. There will be either natural or demonic reasons for why you should not succeed in doing what God has called you to do. That's why it is imperative to know who you are and to stick to the power God has given you.

    Paul reacted strongly to the sorcerer's attempts to hinder the Gospel: Then Saul, who also is called Paul, filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him, And said, O full of all subtilty and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord? And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon thee, and thou shalt be blind, not seeing the sun for a season. And immediately there fell on him a mist and a darkness; and he went about seeking some to lead him by the hand.

    Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord. Acts The Bible says the deputy was astonished at the teaching. It was an illustrated sermon! The Bible says so, and calls him by name: Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers, as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger; and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.

    As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them. And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. Acts We know that Paul was a man of visions and revelations. He wrote, " I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord" 2 Corinthians So before Paul was sent out to function as an apostle, he was not only a teacher of the Gentiles; he was also a prophet.

    As a prophet of Jesus Christ, he had a certain level, capacity, function, and authority that accompanied him and enabled him to present Jesus on a high caliber of flow. And they laid hands on them, prayed over them, and released them to their ministries. It was the impartation that brought the final level of anointing necessary to go out and fulfill their ministry It was like an ordination or sealing to release the gifts of God in the two men in the level they needed.

    So they departed on their mission to spread the Gospel, and the first thing they encountered was the challenge of a false prophet—head on. They were trying to convert a prominent, prudent man, but Elymas the sorcerer "withstood them. It doesn't say if he tried to put a curse on Paul and Barnabas. It doesn't say if he tried to bind the gift of Paul.

    Cursing Weak Christians Today there are Satanists who think they have more power than the Church does, and some of them are messing around and putting curses on weak Christians. And because these Christians receive the symptoms of headaches and confusion instead of rebuking them, they keep preying on them.

    Sometimes Satanists or occultists will come into a meeting to try to hinder it. When we were in a recent meeting, a woman who was into spiritualism was present. Robin had a word of knowledge and called out, "Someone here is using beads and doing occultic things, and we want you to come up here for deliverance.

    The next week she attended another of my meetings and came up in the altar call because she wanted hands laid on her. She wanted to receive the blessing, she said, but she didn't want to receive Jesus Christ. You see, people in the occult know there is power.

    Many 64 Growing in the Anointing of them are striving to have greater power, and some of them will try to oppose what you're doing. Lake got the people together and said, "I want you to go out into the mission field and find the witch doctors. I want you to openly challenge them, and I want you to cast the devil out of them. It is no different here in America. When the world finally sees that the occultists, the New Agers, the psychics, the spiritualists, and the Satanists do not pack more power than the Bible-believing children of the living God, we're going to see revival.

    And we're going to see it in epic proportions, because God has called you and me to confront the devil! You don't lack words when you're anointed. Too many people stop to think, "What am I going to say? The apostles did this. They said, "We will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word" Acts What does that mean?

    We will make it our foundation. Then, when we pray in tongues, it will build us up. We will get faith out of the Word, 65 The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet and we will be built up on that faith by praying in the Holy Ghost.

    And when we run into a situation that demands a miracle, we can deal with it. Acts Paul had no problem with blindness. In fact, he had faith for blindness because of his own experience. When Paul then Saul was still a child of the devil by nature, he was persecuting and threatening the Church, even killing Christians, with the permission of the religious leaders. Saul was on his way to persecute the church in Damascus when a light brighter than the noonday sun suddenly knocked him to the ground and blinded him.

    The Bible says Saul heard a voice. It was Jesus asking him, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? Saul remained blind for three days until a believer in Damascus named Ananias prayed for him and he recovered his sight. That's why Paul had blind faith. He figured, "You mess with God, He'll strike you blind.

    BAM—the hand of the Lord is on you! The Bible says when the deputy saw that doctrine, he quickly learned the lesson and believed. What was the doctrine? You mess with God, you get judgment. The power of God is greater than anything. There is active power in this message. Peter, on the other hand, didn't have blind faith. Even though he was one of the disciples, he had denied the Lord three times shortly before His crucifixion.

    He was worthy to be a castaway, and he knew it. After the resurrection, the Lord appeared to him in the Galilee and asked him three questions: "Do you love Me?

    Do you love Me? Peter knew one thing: You betray the Lord; you die. How did he know that? Judas had betrayed the Lord, and he had experienced suicide, death, and judgment. That was what Peter knew. He knew what to do about their situation. What happens to you when you lie to the Holy Spirit? You die, that's what happens to you! The faith Peter had was killing faith. Paul's was blinding-for-a-few-days faith. Growing Means Excelling What am I expressing here?

    As you grow in your 67 The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet experience in God—as you grow in the anointing—you will excel in certain areas. Different persons in Church history have excelled at different things. Even the healing ministries didn't have the same rate of success with every kind of disease.

    Some healing evangelists had the gift of healing for blindness, and they had more blind healed than any other condition. Others prayed more successfully for people with crippling conditions, hearing problems, cancer, and so forth. Each of us has the potential to be successful in every area, but there will usually be an area in which our faith flows the easiest. For example, some people can believe God for money.

    Some people can't. Some people can believe God for money, but they remain sick. Others stay poor but remain healthy. God's best is for us to be able to believe for everything He has made available to us. A Frozen Intruder I was in Hollywood, California, ministering in a prayer line when a rugged, loud, unruly man came up to the altar and began to shout, trying to disrupt the service.

    I went over there and asked, using the live microphone, "Do you need prayer? You will not disrupt this service! That man stood there frozen until I finished praying for everyone. When we dismissed the service, he left the building. Acting Before You Think You see, there will be certain times when a challenge will unexpectedly confront you, and you won't have time to think, "What would Jesus do in this situation?

    You can know that what you're going to say and do is going to be backed up by the power of God. That is why and how Paul was able to speak out of the Spirit of God that was within him a word that brought conviction and reality into the lives of people.

    Speaking to the Devil In Matthew it says, When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils, and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick. Jesus cast out the devils with His Word, and He healed all that were sick. Notice there is a way to flow. Once we understand what the root of a situation is, we can immediately know by the Spirit what to do. We must speak by faith to the devil and tell him to go.

    We can bind him, and he will be bound. We can loose the power of God, and it will be loosed. When we operate in that realm, we will see great things! He had 40 tumors the size of golf balls hanging on the outside of his body. He had been prayed for by several "greats" in the healing ministry. He named them to me. It was almost as if he was trying to convince me that he had a track record in not being healed.

    I told him, "I'm not going to pray for you then. I'm going to curse those tumors. I'm not going to pray that God would heal you. I'm going to talk to those tumors. I'm going to tell them to dissolve, and they're going to have to dissolve. He came up to the platform, removed his shirt to testify, and rejoiced at his healing.

    Why was he healed?

    The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet

    Because we targeted the problem. We spoke to it. We released that power resident in us through the Holy Spirit to go to work in that body and see it manifest the power and the anointing of the Lord. If we can glean from them some of the revelations they had and the truths they held dear, we can incorporate it into what we know to be the truth. If something is Bible-based, you can bank on it. In closing this segment devoted to John G. Lake, I want to share the following prophetic word attributed to him.

    This man was so under the anointing of the Lord, he prophesied this utterance in perfect rhyme. Lake He is risen! He is risen!

    Hear the cry Ringing through the land and sea and sky. Heralds of God announce it: Death's disdained. Shout the tidings! Raise the cry: Christ's victorious, Christ's victorious, cannot die. For the bars of death He sundered; Satan sees that he has blundered. As the shouts of angels thundered: "He's alive!

    Let it roll Till it echoes o'er the mountains, from the centre to the poles, That the Christ of earth and Glory Death has conquerered. Tell the story: He's the victor, He's the victor!

    So am I. For this reason, that my ransom He has paid, I've accepted His atonement, on Him laid. He the Lamb of God that suffered all for me, Bore my sins, my grief, my sickness on the tree. I am risen, I am risen, from the grave Of my sins, my griefs, my sickness; and the waves Of the resurrection life and holy power Thrill my being with His new life every hour.

    Now the lightnings of God's Spirit burn my soul; Flames of His divine compassion o'er me roll. Lightning power of God's own Spirit strikes the power of hell. God in man—oh, glory, glory! I have proved Him, I have proved Him. It is true: Christ's dominion yet remaineth; 'tis for you. Let the Christ who death has conquered take control. He will use you, He will use you, Zion yet has saviors still.

    Christ the Conqueror only waiteth for the action of your will. Lake prophesied this extemporaneously by the anointing of the Holy Spirit on June 18, in South Africa. It was supernatural, and it carried a revelation in it. Lake prophesied, "My sickness was carried. My griefs were carried. My sins were carried on the tree. God was waiting for me just to make that my will. Is it any wonder he couldn't catch the plague? Is it any wonder he could throw people out a high window? Let us yield to the Holy Spirit, step out of natural limits, and speak, live, and act supernaturally!

    The apostles said It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables. I received 50 milligrams of Demerol every three hours, yet I would wake up from the effects of the medicine and ask for another shot to deaden the pain. My face was badly swollen, and my eyes were swollen shut for several days. During this time, the doctors told my parents I would need hospitalization for seven to eleven weeks.

    In addition to my other injuries, I had a broken rib and thoracic disc and vertebrae damage. The impact of the accident had caused a percent compression in my spine. Three specialists were treating me: an internist, an orthopedist and a neurologist. In I would undergo an MRI for a different spinal problem. The doctor at that time asked me what I had done 14 Randys Journey to my spine because the MRI revealed old fractures of almost every vertebrae.

    I told him it was from a car wreck thirtyeight years prior. I was told not to move because for several days after a spinal injury, the swelling can cause permanent damage.

    I could become paraplegic or suffer charley horselike cramps for the rest of my life. If I needed to move, three nurses would logroll me, one at my shoulders, one at my waist and one near my knees. I could not even use a pillow.

    In spite of all my injuries, I was optimistic. I told people I would be out of the hospital in time for an evangelistic crusade in four weeks at my home church, the First General Baptist Church in McLeansboro, Illinois. I actually was unaware of some of my injuries at the time. Several days went by before I was finally told that my second-best friend, Joe Barker, had died from a broken neck in the accident. When my parents told me about Joes death, they also showed me pictures of the car we were in.

    Hit by another car that had just come out of a banked S curve, it had flipped end over end, hit a telephone pole and landed upside down in a ditch. When I saw what the car looked like after all that, I thought, Its a miracle that I lived!

    God spared my lifeHe must have a purpose for it. I remember praying, God, You spared my life. I give it back to You. I will do whatever You want with the rest of my life. Not knowing how serious my injuries were, I was certain I would be out of the hospital in time to attend the upcoming evangelistic meetings, called a revival in Baptist churches.

    And God healed meI left the hospital in twenty days. How was I healed? In stages. First God healed the paralysis of my digestive system. I was scheduled for transfer to the largest hospital in St. Louis because of the paralysis. They felt a great peace and sensed I would be okay. When doctors examined me the next morning, my digestive system was working and the tube was removed.

    Next, one of my specialists came to set my jaw. He said, Put your teeth together.

    Instruction on prayers for healing - Cong. for the Doctrine of the Faith

    Do it againagainagain! Then he said, I dont understand! The X ray indicated that your jaw needed setting, but its already set. These words made me realize that God was indeed healing me. Two of my three major problems were healed already, though I was still in excruciating pain and still taking 50 milligrams of Demerol every three hours. Ministers visited to pray for my healing. My great-uncle, a Pentecostal preacher, came to pray.

    My pastor and his wife visited me to pray. After one extremely painful night, I woke up to discover that I felt no more pain. I remember thinking that morning, God healed my jaw by setting it, and now I believe He has healed me of the severe pain! Then another thought came: Get up and walk. I thought to myself, The doctors emphasized that I am not to move my back. I am not to lift my head off the bed.

    I havent even been allowed to use a pillow. Ive been told that if I move, I could become paraplegic or have charley horses in my legs for life. Then the thought came again: God has healed me.

    I should trust Him and try to walk. I believed God was encouraging me to get up and walk. I believed it so much that I slowly rose up in bed, let down the guardrail, slipped my feet over the side and then stepped out onto the floor.

    I grabbed the back of my air-conditioned hospital gown and held the two sides together, and I began to walk. That was not smart! The nurses were very upset. They yelled at me and made me go back to bed. But I kept getting out of bed.

    I believed God had healed me. Finally, the head sister of St. Joseph Catholic Hospital came to talk with me. She told me how foolish I was being to risk permanent paralysis. I told her, I will not be paralyzed. God has healed me and has a purpose for my life. She continued to appeal to my common sense. We went back and forth for a while, and finally I asked her, You believe in God, dont you? Yes, of course, she responded.

    So do I, I said, and I believe in healing. God has healed me. The doctor released me on the twentieth day and told me to go home and go to bed. I told him, Im not going to bed. God has healed me, and Im going to my church to testify about what God has done. That night, a Wednesday, I went to church and shared with my youth group what God had done.

    I was eighteen. The following Sunday evening, the combined impact of my healing and Joes death were instrumental in causing a true revival to break out in my church. It came a week ahead of the evangelistic meetings.

    The presence of God was so strong that the pastor called the evangelist and asked if he could come the very next night to continue what seemed like a revival outbreak among the high school youth.

    The evangelist came, and our meetings lasted forty-two straight nights. It was in the middle of the Jesus Movement, and hundreds of high school youth attended from four surrounding counties.

    A high percentage of the students in my high school also came to this little Baptist church in true revival. Eleven young men from sixteen to twenty-three years 17 Our Personal Journeys in Regard to Healing old were called into the ministry during these meetings. I was one of thembut I am getting ahead of myself. I want to go further back in time and talk about a few other events that built my faith for healing. Why I Came to Believe in Healing Three things happened that raised my interest in healing, and one thing caused me some doubt.

    First, when I was four or five, my maternal grandmother told me a story about her healing. I loved and respected my grandmother and thought of her as very spiritual. She was always singing hymns as she worked, and she loved to go to church, where she was a shouter. She would sit on the left of the pulpit with other women shouters, and I would sit with my grandpa on the right, in the Amen corner with other men. I found out later in life that the reason she always listened to Christian radio was that she was illiterate.

    Grandma told me that one time in the bedroom of her little four-room, cement block house, she heard the audible voice of God tell her to go into the other bedroom and pray, then He would heal her.

    She had a large goiter in her throat at a time before doctors discovered how to treat them with iodine. She changed rooms, began to pray in obedience and felt something like a hot hand go down her throat. Her goiter disappeared. This healing made a huge impression on my little heart and mind. The second thing that caused me to believe strongly in Jesus, heaven and the supernatural took place when I was six.

    It borders a little on the out there kind of experience some readers may find unnerving, but I believe my mother genuinely had a powerful experience with God through it.

    She had attended a home meeting where there had been worship 18 Randys Journey and sharing. The meeting had not been overly emotional, and she left calmly to return home.

    On the way to the car, all of a sudden she felt as though she were caught in a whirlwind. She passed out and felt her spirit leaving her body. It went through a rough place followed by peace several times, and then she was in heaven.

    Jesus came and indicated to her that everything in her life was going to be okay. The experience repeated itself until she was back in her body. Then she came to. I heard my mother tell this story many times.

    I did not think it was a psychological occurrence, but a very true, real experience. For over forty years Mom could not talk about it without losing it emotionally, overwhelmed with just the thought of her visit to heaven. When I was in college, I wrote a paper about Moms experience. I interviewed the two men who had found her on the sidewalk while she was out of her body.

    They were both ministers by the time I interviewed them, though at the time of the incident they were not. They both told me that they could not find a pulse and that my mom was cold and clammy. They thought she had died.

    Moms experience, unusual though it may seem to some, made heaven more real to me. Jesus had talked to my mom in heaven! This was evidence to me that He had been raised from the dead, that He was still alive and that He still healed people. The third thing that increased my faith in healing was the experience of my Sunday school teacher. She had been diagnosed with a tumor the size of a watermelon in her abdomen.

    Our church prayed for her the night before her surgery. When the surgery took place, the tumor had already shrunk to the size of an orange. Further, its roots were not attached to any organ and it was easily removed.

    This happened when I was about thirteen, and she lived another forty-plus years. My maternal grandfather died of cancer at sixty-two. I had sat in the Amen corner with him at church, and I could not understand why he had not been healed.

    The same church that had prayed for my Sunday school teacher had prayed for him. Many churches were praying for him, yet he died. This caused me some doubt. I had just become a Christian the Sunday before my sixteenth birthday, and I lost Grandpa to cancer that same year. That was hard, and it was already a hard time for me. Along with some personal issues I struggled with, we were approaching the height of the Vietnam War. My high schools former heroes were coming home without legs.

    A young man who had been one year ahead of me in grade school came home in a body bag. It was a bad time to be approaching manhood. Angry over the war and depressed about a personal relationship gone wrong, I got involved with smoking marijuana on an almost daily basis for ten months.

    I wanted to experiment and started slipping into the drug culture, music and all. I wanted to visit the far countrybut only visit it. I never wanted to stay there, so I stayed in church, too, though I knew I was a big hypocrite.

    Yet I was afraid to stop going to church, lest I become so deeply trapped in sin that I could not escape my self-made pigsty to return home. A girlfriends older brother was a Methodist preacher. He was the first person I ever saw hold a healing meeting in a church, and I liked and respected him. God used him to bring me under conviction. After not seeing me for a while, he commented to my mother that I did not seem like the Randy he remembered.

    I thought about that comment a lot. Four days before the accident that happened when I was eighteen, I got over my doubts and gave my heart back to God. I want to share a little more about that. A healing was the culminating factor in my announcing my call to become a preacher. I had asked God to give me some signs confirming my call to preach, and immediately He answered two fleeces I placed before Him.

    The third sign He gave me was the healing. My youth pastor, Fred, who was also the churchs worship leader, suffered a stroke in the middle of the revival. He was thirty-three. This made no sense to me. Why would he suffer a stroke when he played such a pivotal role in a revival that involved so many youth? When he got out of the hospital and was recuperating at home, I stopped by after church to talk with him.

    I asked him if he could move his left hand. The stroke had affected his left side. He could move that hand, but with difficulty.

    I went home and prayed, God, if you will let Fred play the piano tomorrow night in church, without pain, I will stand up and immediately announce my call to preach. Flesh as Food Extremes in Diet Stimulants and Narcotics Liquor Traffic and Prohibition Ministry of the Home The Builders of the Home Choice and Preparation of the Home The Mother The Child Home Influences True Education, a Missionary Training A True Knowledge of God Danger in Speculative Knowledge The False and the True in Education The Importance of Seeking True Knowledge Help in Daily Living In Contact With Others Development and Service A Higher Experience.

    Health and happiness go hand in hand.

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