Here's 4 plugins that will provide PDF copies of your WordPress posts and why you are better off doing it manually. WordPress doesn't offer a method for automatically converting your posts to PDF, so the process for performing this task is not widely known. If you use. PDF Embedder does not convert your posts or pages into a PDF. this free plugin lets you upload your PDFs to your WordPress.

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    Wordpress Post As Pdf

    This plugin enables your blog readers to create PDF files of one or more articles in you want in your wordpress blog by inserting a peace of code in a template. Description. Mass convert PDF documents to WP posts, by: extracting all text data and adding it to post content; extract all images included in PDF and attach. Once installed and Activated, click Add Media from any page or post, just like adding an image, but drag and drop a PDF file instead. When you insert into your .

    Development Description This plugin enables your blog readers to create PDF files of one or more articles in your blog. To realize that a little box is shown below or above every article, in a sidebar, on the top or bottom of a page or wherever you want in your wordpress blog by inserting a peace of code in a template. The plugin provides two modes to create PDF files. The first mode is the email mode. In that mode each box has a field in which a visitor can enter an email address to which the created PDF will be sent. The second mode is the direct download mode. No email address is needed in that mode. A PDF widget box in the sidebar or above or below all articles creates a PDF file with all articles on the current page. Furthermore you can configure a lot of other parts of the plugin by editing the plugin settings which are provided in your WordPress admin area. Your server or your webspace, where your blog is hosted, does not need any special modules to run this plugin. Just install it and it will work. Custom fields are supported.

    Look at the installation and FAQ section to get more information about that. You can change that in the plugin settings in your WordPress admin area.

    PDF Embedder

    The PDF plugin can display a box above or below each article, in the sidebar, on top or bottom of each page or you can place a PDF link everywhere in your blog. To enable or disable some of these boxes simply change the plugin settings.

    Then open the widget section in WordPress admin area and put the widget into the sidebar. Insert the following code into the theme file header. Custom Fields Support If you use custom fields and if you want it to be part of the PDF file then you have to add some codes to your template files to mark the content so that the PDF24 plugin knows what the content is.

    Your custom fields code Each of these methods shows a different box depending on what you want. This is a very flexible feature.

    The first argument, the ID, is a needed argument. The second parameter, the TPL, is a optinal argument. This argument controls the output normal link, image link or whatever. The TPL argument is the name of a template of the plugin which is loaded and printed.

    How to Add a PDF Download for Posts in WordPress

    If you have any problems with the installation or the custom fields support feel free to contact us. FAQ How can i remove the boxes underneath each article?

    In my theme directory there is an file named index. A part of that file looks like this: After that code insert this small peace of code: Where do i have to insert the code to display the top bar box In my theme directory there is a file named index. You can place the PDF link code into any theme file.

    9 Best PDF Plugins for WordPress

    Open the plugin settings and enable the WordPress widget plugin. Then open the widget manager and you will see the PDF24 plugin.

    This makes PDF files ideal for printing documents. A PDF download option with your posts allow users to save your content on their computers and print it when they want.

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    Some types of content are printed more frequently like recipes, music sheets, mathematical equations, etc. You can also use the PDF download to create content upgrades for your posts to grow your email list.

    For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. First you need to select where you want to display the PDF download option.

    Under the availability section, you can select whether you want downloads to be available for everyone or just registered users. Next, click on the General tab to expand it.

    There you can select post types , file name formats, and other general settings. Under the button positioning section, you can select the button alignment and placement. You can use the default button that comes with the plugin, or you can upload your own button image.

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